Barcelona given transfer ban until summer 2015

I see.. well, can´t see it make much difference as it´s just a year, they are still in the same position as before really.
Strapped for cash but well supported and having a brilliant team.
The original story being reported was that Barca couldn't buy or sell any players. The selling part now seems to have been removed from the articles.
I don't know how the non-selling thing would ever work anyway unless players could leave on a free transfer.

Otherwise you would be unfairly, and perhaps illegally, tying players to the team.
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Last I saw Barca was going to Appeal the ban. Either way June will be here soon and we should really look at the WC for hidden talent or look into regulated teams looking to unload players.
Given the style preferred much could be gained by enlisting a player already familiar with it.. Like say a Barcelona player
We´ll keep an eye on things :cool:
Well, not much reason to sell if you can't buy unless you want to make room for someone younger coming up in the organization and don't mind just banking the cash for a year. That situation wouldn't apply to Messi, so unless he really throws a fit about wanting to leave and MCFC/PSG are willing to let Barca name a price he's staying for a year.
Still, that's 9 players they broke the rules on. The ban is still legitimate.
That's just the one we know of right now, I believe it'll end up in a lighter sentence or a delay
That's just the one we know of right now, I believe it'll end up in a lighter sentence or a delay

Oh, it'll totally be revoked, just like Chelsea's was. The question is, will their legal challenge be quick enough? It could take 6 months for the case to go through the legal system.
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Any news from Spain on this ?
Are there likely to be any developments ?
It got withdrawn a while back, although that's only until Barca's appeal is resolved. It could still be reinstated.