Blue City Radio Debut Episode


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Dec 25, 2014
I am excited to announce that Blue City Radio has released their debut episode of the podcast.

We are still working on the logistics of setting up the proper feeds to get it on iTunes and Stitcher, but for now the show is available at

Your feedback is welcome via twitter BlueCityRadio BlueCityRadio email at or through this thread.

Thanks for all of your support.

Michael Anderer
The podcast was great. Do you guys have previous experience with podcasts? You both sound like you have good mic discipline. Thanks for the shoutout too! We've put a tremendous amount of work to bring this place together and keep it running so to hear the kind words really means a lot. As I've said in your intro thread, any help you guys need let us know. If you want to use any info from here, as long as you give credit to the proper people, all is good.

The show will be a weekly? What day/night of the week do you record? And what day will the podcast be available for download?

Will you ever do call-ins? - I know this is a little difficult if your studio isn't set up for it
Perhaps you can do a live-tweet segment that's done at a specific time every week. Edit out the crap and add that segment to your podcast.

You could also do a player segment. Where once a week you try and profile a specific player. Background info, professional history, maybe even personal stuff too.

I'll stop now.
Einwindir, thanks for the ideas.

We don't have a way right now to do a call in segment, basically because I host and produce at the same time and our set up is developing and expanding.

I agree with you on the iTunes delay. I guess my excitement got the best of me. iTunes says it will take about 48 hours, but I did a trial search from a friend's computer and it showed up there so I thought we were approved.

I really like the in depth player segments idea. We are trying to get some interviews lined up, even if they are emailed based, similar to the Matthew Dunn one you have set up.

Last point is our tag line is "your city, your team, your voice". We are the outlet that you the fans help create. Very much like the work that everyone has put in here. We welcome ideas and opinions from everyone, and we will give proper credit, although we are the ones on the podcast, we know we can't do it alone.
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Is this showing up in iTunes for other folks yet? This is what I see:


Do not want Blue Tuesday
Listened to the podcast as an interested Man City fan from Manchester Uk. I was particularly interested in the lampard stuff and the NYCFC fans reaction and I am pleased to see it seems to have created a sense of togetherness for fans who are upset about the way the clubs have handled the situation.

From my point of view it's been a poorly managed situation. I don't think mcfc thought lampard would have had the impact he has had this season. Leading to him delaying his arrival in New York. What I will say is when he finally arrives you can expect a model professional. His experience and ability will hopefully win over some disgruntled fans. Even watching the the EPL for years I hadn't realised how good a player frank is. It's only when you watch your team week in week out that you can truly appreciate a players ability.

I'm looking forward to following NYCFC this season. During the World Cup we saw in the uk the USAs passion for soccer like never before. I genuinely think in many years to come with your great sportif traditions in schools and colleges that the USA will become a powerhouse of the game.

What reasons have people decided to support this brand new team? Is it geographical?
just subscribed! you guys have a intro "anthem" of sorts when the podcast opens up? just like a 10-15 second music clip that will fade into your introduction
Was finally able to listne to this today, nice work! My only complaint: increase the volume? It was hard to hear at times on a city bus even with the volume all the way up (it plays much quieter than other podcasts I have)