Former Metrostars/redbulls Fan.....


Jan 7, 2015
Tampa, FL
Hi everyone. I am a long time former Metrostars fan aka redbulls. After following that team since the last 90s I have decided to make the switch. The latest firing of Mike Pete among all the other total lack of respect over the years for their fans, has finally broken the camels back.

When NYCFC was announced, I immediately loved the name because it has NYC in it, and as someone who grew up in BK and SI and has family in Manhattan, I was intrigued. Combine that with the hiring of Jason Kreis who I think is a tremendous coach and the fact that the Yankees are part owners, me being a Yankee fan, didn't hurt. I was intrigued. I am not a fan of man city but I don't hate them. I consider myself an arsenal fan if I were to pick an epl team.

Then the signings came. David Villa who I like alot. Lampard who I don't love but thought was a good signing nonetheless. I really don't care that his loan got extended. For those of us who follow mls for a long time, knows that it is of utmost importance to get your team ready in the second half of the season heading into the playoffs. Lampard will be a nice shot in the arm for us come the second half. And now the sign in of Mix. A nice young American player. I love everything about this team so far and I can only hope the stadium issues get resolved.

So I look forward to discussing with my fellow nycfc fans our team, our league and hopefully enjoying much success together. Cheers!
Welcome :)

Hopefully for all of our sakes this team is run better than the Red Bulls.

Believe me when I say this, it would take a tremendous amount of incompetent individuals like the world has never seen to be run like the redbulls. I have never seen an organization so clueless to its surroundings more then redbulls. Thank god I no longer have to deal with them. I feel so free.

Thank you all for the warm wishes.
Welcome, but it ain't much better in here kid.

I'm half joking. Seems like NY soccer clubs have been shitting the bed lately.

Haha to be fair yes this Lampard situation has been a bad punch to the gut along with the stadium issue for nycfc, but believe me I full trust the folks running nycfc to continue to strive and make nycfc one of the premier clubs this side of the atlantic. Give me Kreis, Reyna, serrano over anyone nyrb had over their history except for maybe Bruce arena and they managed to screw that up big time. Also, one thing we gotta remember is this. It's OK to be realistic about mls and nycfc. Do we know that city group did this in order to stay competitive in epl and world wide of course but so what? Any other owner that would have came here would have been investing in mls and NYC to hopefully return a profit and have the value of the franchise appreciate. This is no different. I really believe nycfc will give us starved NYC soccer fans 2 what we have been wanting and not getting with the other soccer teams in this area. IE redbulls and cosmos. So excited!