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Mar 19, 2014
I think einwindir is great, but Dan seems to have his priorities confused.

His response to a well-supported movement that most users want to see change, is to delete my posts. Greater action will have to be taken.

I am not afraid to speak up for what I believe in, not afraid to lead a movement for the betterment of the masses. If I have posting privelages limited further, so be it. But I will not rest until this site is a safe and fair place for NYCFC fans to discuss soccer without being overloaded with crap. I refuse to allow this site to degrade to the level of the facebook page. And this is no exaggeration, that is exactly where it is headed. It takes a fool to stick his head in the sand and say 'if you don't want to see it, don't look'. If it exists, it has an effect. It allows trolls to fester and grow support. It allows emnity to develop between fans. The experiment is failed, and I will not let it continue.

I have already affected change on this site on multiple occasions. I have success in this regard because I am relentless and will not back down, even if certain posters are alienated by my opinions. This will be no different.
Think you might find others are relentless when it comes to not backing down as well. If you act like you did last night you will only be digging a very deep hole for yourself.
Hello MyCityBoy.

I tend to agree with you.
Primarily the site should be a place to discuss NYCFC, and there should be a section to discuss the issues that affect NYCFC only.

NYCFC is part of the CFG, and another part of the site should be aimed at that. This will leave those that are only interested in the local club a section to visit, and those that are interested to a deeper level interested, it is also somewhere for fans to meet and talk about group issues.

There should perhaps be a general football section (Non NYCFC, Non City group) where leagues and international teams from around the world should be discussed.

Then perhaps an off topic section for fans of NYCFC to discuss what the hell they like that is not football related (you can stay away from here if you want, I will)

However having said I agree with you, not everyone who does disagree with you is a troll. I think the warzone has been a success, in allowing open debate, and differing points of view to be aired. If differing points of view are allowed to a certain level on all parts of the forum then thats fine.

For example Man City / CFG issues should not be brought up on a NYCFC section unless it directly affects the topic at hand (for example players that are coming over to NYCFC from City)

Before you come out with the we are NYCFC and dont want to discuss City Group or want Group fans, taking it off the forum also has a certain amount of head in the sand to it.... If I cant see it, it doesn,t exist.
And I think the Forum moderators do an ok job, they dont always agree with me, nor me them but it is there toy and if you don't play nicely they get to take it home !!!!
Seen a lot worse when it comes to power hungry moderators. Did take a while to remove all that nonsense posted last night though. Is Dan the only one with post removal abilities?
Great call by Dan, Posts here do not count towards post count.... trying to keep people on track !