Greatest Match You've Ever Seen

I've seen that video before it's awesome.

Mine would have to be City's win over QPR that was just insane. The emotions were crazy up and down.
I watch the youtube videos of fan reactions every now and then.
I'll never forget the '99 CL final where Teddy Sheringham and Solskjaer scored in injury time. I was 7 years old. If that doesn't make you a soccer fan, I don't know what can
The game was obviously not great by any stretch, but nothing can compare emotionally to me than the USA-Algeria game.

"certainly through... ohhhh its incredible!"

That game is definitely one of my top favorites. I don't think I've ever gotten that pumped up before
We often speak about which one was better: City v QPR, or City v Gillingham.

They both have their merits and both are contenders, but the general feeling amongst the older Citizens is that the 1999 Wembley final sins out in the end, primarily because of what it would have meant had we lost. Stuck in the third tier another season, we'd have lost many loyal players, probably Joe Royle, and presumably faced Administration, which would have just compounded the issue. Club gone? It's quite likely, and therefore without Horlock and Dickov's goals and Weaver's heroics, there's be no ADUG, and there'd be no NYCFC. That you can count on. That's how important it was.

If one were to remove that from the equation, then the QPR match wins hand down - it's a fine line.
In recent matches I thought (of course I'm bias for my club) Bayern v Chelsea in the 2013 Super Cup was a great match. Their champions league final was also a good one. It seems as though these two clubs always put on a show when they play.
USA v. Italy 2006. I had the pleasure of being at that game and I don't think I will ever be at another sporting event which matches the crowd intensity of that. It was amazing!
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