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Mar 19, 2014
Astoria, NY
I know we are on here and I know this thread is going to get trolled, but i figure, what the hell?

Calling all United fans! I wanted to start a thread to discuss some of the things that have been happening in the off season and get your thoughts on them.

What do you think of Louis van Gaal becoming manager?

Thoughts on the Ander Herrera signing?

Thoughts on the Luke Shaw signing?

Thoughts on Ferdinand and Buttner leaving?

I do not think I missed anything else, but if I did, please share.
Not a United fan but it looks to me that LvG is a step in the right direction. I guess coming from Moyes, anything is a step in the right direction. Things can only improve so it should make for a fun and interesting league.
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Have y'all and Liverpool finished buying all of Southampton's players yet? I don't know if the Saints will have enough players to fill the squad now lol.

But yeah, it looks like United is being wise signing good young players who can grow. This may be by necessity since I'm guessing it's harder to attract some of the vets without the immediate promise of UCL action but it looks like a strong offseason for you.
Rumor is they are pressing hard for vidal and robben.

LVG gets the best out of Van persie. So expect a good season from him.

They need center backs like Suarez needs human flesh.

not a fan of manchester united, but I am a fan of good soccer. So hope they player better next season.
United got Dupay. Good move. Now sell Di Maria and buy Hummels and Gundogan
Is Depay really all that and a box of chocolates? Every indication that I have seen makes him sound like a raw talent. The articles do emphasize his talent level as opposed to his lack of experience though.