Meet And Greet On Thursday


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Mar 19, 2014
Who here is attending the meet and greet? I am and I just wanted to idea of who's going. Maybe it would be a chance to put name to faces.
I rsvped. I couldn't make it to the pub crawl so I can't wait. Are they supposed to RSVP to your RSVP?
Planning on making the trip in.

And BxLio, I got an RSVP response from Dan Steeves in Fan Services about an hour after I sent my email. If you still haven't heard back from them before Thursday it might be worth emailing him directly at
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Just so you guys know I'll be the 23 year old black guy that looks like he's 16 :D
I'm going as well. I have a bunch of time to kill from when I get off work at 5 until the start unfortunately. I might go there early to eat dinner and drink beers if anyone would like to join.