Nycfc Announcement 04/21 At 11am


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Mar 17, 2014
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Feel free to discuss here.
Pretty certain it will be regarding temp stadium as are most people.
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If its the temp stadium then they should just say its the temp stadium. The Orlando and Atlanta announcements everybody knew what they were going to be beforehand. Hopefully its something different and the club will shock us all. Certainly I agree with the use of Yankee Stadium so that's no concern. There's just this odd habit in MLS of making announcements when everybody knows what its probably going to be. If the club had already officially announced the temporary stadium then this would be far more intriguing. Guess its for media reasons and there's sense promoting it beforehand but still...
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Major Announcement = Major Award?
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well we know it obviously pertains to the temp stadium situation since the announcement is being held at yankee stadium. I am hoping theres another surprise (i.e. kits, player signing)
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Oh it's definitely the Yankee Stadium thing, and there's definitely no other info to announce, although I guess they might provide details of how the stadium will work out which weren't known before but that'll be the sum of this announcement. Naturally, though, the club won't reveal this because they want as many people watching as possible. They'd probably lose at least half of their viewers if they let it slip. In fact, you could ask what the point of an official announcement is if they've already announced what the announcement is about.
Well technically they haven't announced anything and when questioned about it on twitter they've been tight lipped. Supposedly it was a 'leak' to the Times who I believe it was that broke the story.
I think it´s about the temporary stadium.. and something else, perhaps the training campus, something that surely have been held up while they discussed/negotiated where to play the coming years.
maybe plans for a new stadium. making a new stadium takes like 3 years to build. and the playing at yankee stadium for 3years
I know announcing what most, if not all of us, already know is not exciting. But it also serves a greater purpose to inform and pique interest in the casual sports fan. It is an opportunity for the local/national media to pick up the story and let everyone know that the NYCFC flag has been planted!
I say the more press conferences/announcements the better.
Sound isn't that good, but unless there's going to be any sort of demand, it looks like they're not going to sell tickets in the upper tier.
Seriously the sound was lol


Also to the left of the podium looked like a picture of the stadium in MLS mode. Can't wait to see that closer up online