NYCFC Stadium over Sunnyside Yards [Baseless Speculation]


Mar 30, 2014
I was idly browsing Google Maps today when I noticed this huge railyard between Long Island City and Sunnyside in Queens:

I know there hasn't been much stadium news recently, but thinking back on what we have heard, I don't ever remember hearing this location mentioned as a possibility. Why hasn't the possibility of doing a Atlantic Yards/Barclays Center style project on this site been floated? On paper it seems almost perfect. It's walking distance from the E, F, M, G, and 7 trains plus an LIRR station, there's room for a 20-25k seater stadium as well as additional projects, and as far as I can tell from a quick google search there are no current plans for development. The only issue I can think of is that it would be ridiculously expensive, but between Manchester City and the Yankees NYCFC isn't at a loss for cash, and I'm sure the MTA could use the money they'd get for the land.

Why hasn't this been suggested? I'm not very familiar with this area of Queens, but if anyone has any perspective on this please share!