NYCFC Starting 11


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
We will be starting a new section of the site where we will hold the Ultimate NYCFC Starting 11 draft.
This will comprise of multiple sections. Each position will have its own thread, bearing in mind Salary Cap, members will recommend players for each position. After 1 week (next Saturday) we will tally up the votes and the top recommended players will go into a poll which will be voted on.
Using current team salaries we will then, after 1 week tally up the votes and put together a top starting 11 based on salary combinations.
As well as a dream starting 11 (No cap).

As far as the DP's are concerned we will work on that after.
The top 3 votes will consist of the DP spots.
This is so we don't have a separate thread for dp voting and position voting (votes will overlap).

We will form a plausible starting 11 and then a fantasy starting 11 afterwards putting DP's and loans into perspective.
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