Nycfc Style Guide / Color Palette?


Apr 17, 2014
New Jersey
Has the team released an official style guide / brand identity or media kit when they revealed the badge? The press release only mentions typeface / font (Gotham) and vague, "basic" colors. I can't find anything specific as far as official colors or style guide / use.
The badge features the typeface Gotham, a wholly American font inspired by the City’s signage. Born out of an in-depth study of building lettering in New York City, the monogram reflects the rich graphic language that is so much a signature of the five boroughs. The colors navy blue, white and orange are drawn from the New York City flag.

I'd like to know the proper navy blue, orange and light blue colors for print and web use (RGB, CMYK, HEX, pantone, etc). And I can't seem to find color info for the flag of NYC (other than it's the same colors as the 1625 flag of the Netherlands.)

For example, this is the Tottenham Hotspur Brand Identity and Style Guide.
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Is this a common thing? I've never even heard of this being made public before. I would've assumed the Spurs guide was the exception rather than the rule.

What exactly is this stuff used for?
My background is in design. Lots of companies have "media kits," "style guides," or "press kits" that are available to the public or used internally. Companies (like NYCFC) usually want to make sure their logo or name is used correctly in newspapers, magazines on the web.

For example, a media kit might have guidelines for a journalist who writes about the team to make sure NYCFC is always capitalized in print (and can never be NYCfc or nycfc, etc) or refer to the team as New York City Football Club and never New York Soccer Club, etc.

A (electronic) media kit might have a copy of the team logo in a format to be accurate reproduced in a newspaper or magazine in maybe PSD or EPS format so it can be printed nicely and correctly. Like you wouldn't want Yahoo Sports to publish an article on their web site with the logo is pixelated or the wrong color of light blue or navy blue in an issue of Sports Illustrated, etc.

Or a style guide might say if you're going to put our logo on a white or light background or black or dark background, please use THIS version of the logo and not THAT version, etc.

If NYCFC wants to get t-shirts or jerseys or hats made from a third party like Adidas, a style guide would make sure the logo has the right spacing, size, colors, etc.

In the case of a supporter, a style guide (with electronic files) might be offered so a supporter could create their own fan blog with correct logo and colors.
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I'm sure they have one internally. They will probably release it to the public the closer we get to next season. For now, if you really need the colors, just sample them from the logo.