Orange, Rockland, & Putnam County

Monroe, NY here.

I actually just made a post (stupidly) before checking the rest of the threads. I'll copy and paste it here to try and keep things organized. Sorry mods, new to everything so just trying to get my footing.

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What's going on everyone!

New season ticket holder and 3rd rail member here. Extremely excited to be on the ground floor of this thing. I few buddies and myself are looking to organize a group in Orange/Rockland (& Putnam) county of NY to get together for games and such. We are going to find a bar and provide some NYCFC swag and really make it our own.

Would anyone in the area be interested?

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Copying my response from the (now locked) other thread:

Sounds good to me. Went to high school in Pine Bush, but I'm living in Highland now so a bar location a little farther north would get my vote.
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So I have begun reaching out to some people and we may have a good group of about 10 so far.

I think we may even have a bar lined up in Monroe, NY. It's called Bourbon Street Bar & Grill. It's a decent place - can definitely use the business - but we may have the opportunity to make it our own. I'll pursuit further once we get a strong number.

Location maybe a trip for our Putnam friends.

Potential Bar Details:
Bourbon Street Bar & Grill
8 Millpond Parkway, Monroe, NY 10950
FYI: Adidas at the Woodbury Commons, well Stocked on Mix player tee's and Sublimated Draft Scarf. Unfortunately that's it for now :( but I check when I can haha

Personally I'm not a fan of the scarf (that type feels cheesy to me) but I might go back for the Mix shirt.
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OCNY here!

If you're up here, swing by the Newburgh Brewing Co. and watch our boys on Sunday at 5pm!


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Awesome! Love that place even more now.

Yeah man! Barring any crazy conflicts, we should be there pretty frequently for the away matches.

Also, for those over by Walden, Sweeney's is all-in as an NYCFC bar. They've purchased the official sponsorship from NYCFC.
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