Q & A With @MLSCeo


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
I'm currently doing a Q&A With @MLSCeo, a young MLS executive in the making. Currently being mentored by Philadelphia Union and full of MLS knowledge and insight.

Please feel free to respond here with possible questions. Understand that he doesn't have insider information to NYCFC but hypothetical/opinion questions are welcome!
do you think NYCFC will be a "red bull killer" (to the already minimal rb fanbase) in terms of ticket sales, merchandise, etc.
Now that Chivas is gone, what's being done about that mistake in Jersey? :D

Ask him if he has any info on MLS' plans with Chivas after this year. Are they required to drop the Chivas name after this season with or without a buyer? Are they close to finding a buyer?

Ask him if he knows anything about what the league is planning for the salary cap next year. 4 DPs or large cap bump? (I know there's little chance of any kind of an answer here but what the hell)

Ask him if there are any details about the new tv deal he can share. Or at least what MLS is looking to get out of it.
Can MLS fans read anything between the lines concerning Bayern Munich opening offices in NYC? I think it's a given Paris Saint-Germain was negotiating for NYCFC. Do they still have interest in the League?

Does he know if any other super clubs have any interest in getting involved in MLS ala MCFC?
Just what exactly is this guy's position? I see that he's 17, does he actually have an inside track to the MLS? Or is he simply a guy who's managed to get himself a cushy job and has the ego and motivation to believe that he's a dead-cert for MLS Commissioner in 10 years' time?

If he actually has an inside track, I'd ask questions like "what would be the perfect size (number of teams) for MLS to grow to?" or "are there any plans to change the conference system in future (add more, etc)?" or maybe even whether there's any intention of adding extra cups, say for MLS clubs only? If he is just a talented amateur, though, then it'd just be speculation, and so the answers would be less interesting.
Unless he´s kissing Don Garber goodbye in the morning I don´t understand why he would know that much really?

He's only 17?

So when you said he's in training did you mean "potty" or "wheels" ? :D
It certainly stands out with the description being future MLS executive. 17 years old. A shocking level of creative intelligence and maturity beyond his years that will catch anyone's attention. I'm guessing "humble" isn't a requirement for "future MLS executives" then. Still its clear he has been doing some work with Philadelphia Union so there's some credibility there.
Its certainly a great opportunity to get an opinion from someone working from within an organization. Rather than fan opinion pieces on Empire of Soccer.
He's spoken with owners from around the league as well as players and commentators.
But how much would you entrust a 17 y.o to know about the inner workings of the league? That said he might be clued up about Philly of course..