Representing Our Club


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
It's been a few months since the forums have been live and I'm still amazed and humbled by what we have accomplished here in such a short time. I have no doubt in my mind that we as supporters will continue to grow and flourish heading into 2015 and the first kick of our inaugural season.
It's been a pleasure getting to know everyone and welcoming you all to this community.
My mission was to create a community where we as fans can congregate and discuss our club, voice our opinion and be heard by NYCFC.
I will tell you that I've had discussions with NYCFC reps as high up as Pernetti, mostly on the fan relations side and they appreciate and recognize what we are doing here. The Songs & Chants section has been very active and the Factions page has demonstrated NYCFC supporters come from all parts of the City and even outside of the city and the U.S.
This site is a home for all supporters. We welcome people from all across the states and even world. I hope we can all continue to come together as supporters to help this club grow and become a success!
For a while now we have had the David Villa Season Tickets ad up and taken down any other ads from the site. It's a decision I made to keep these forums ad free. It's our way of helping the club and if so much as 1 person buys season tickets via the link then we did our job. (We don't receive any kick backs).

We have an opportunity to build something huge here and we have already come such a long way. If you google NYCFC you'll see that we are shown on the first page, just below the clubs website and twitter account. That's all thanks to you guys sharing our link and helping us grow. As we progress towards 2015 and more people become familiar with NYCFC and hear about it and take to google to search the club they'll come across us. It's up to us to continue representing NYCFC in a positive light and winning over those newly introduced to NYCFC by the content we bring forth on these forums. It's definitely working so far with close to 600 members, 100 of those introduced to us during the WC. So again, I thank you!
Also, thank you to all those who have donated! Any help is greatly appreciated and will continue to fund additions to the forums (Chat Box and giveaways).