The God The Hate


Mar 24, 2014
I think its funny how without even signing a player, having a stadium, or even playing a match. NYC FC and its supporters are the most hated in the league. I actually saw this on a page todayView attachment 240

Wow.....strong words from a Chicago fire fan.
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If you take that shit to heart, you'll be mad and damn near hate anyone not wearing NYCFC gear. It all reeks of insecurity, jealousy etc. Those fans are scared of our potential so they'll jump on anything to turn it into a negative. We haven't even signed a single player. They troll our social media and keep up with our announcements. I love it. Just ignore them and don't give them the satisfaction of a response. Arguing with them gives them attention and an outsider can't tell you apart. Our accomplishments will never be given their due so I hope our club can dominate MLS and our job is to support our guys and sing twice as loud and passionately.
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I supported MLS beforehand and did not jump ship from another club. I am a NYCFC supporter. Apparently I do not exist. Maybe I am a ghost?
That guy is clearly an idiot, isnt a good thing if NYCFC has attracted new fans who didnt support MLS before, duh. I for one have always been a soccer fan but like i mentioned before this team renewed my interest in MLS. I last checked in about 6 years and was shocked at the improvement in quality, Im all in now. Thanks NYCFC
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I think it's funny.
It shows how scared these guys are.
I haven't heard anything from any top teams like sounders, Portland and Toronto for example.
These guys are afraid they'll drop yet another spot. I just don't understand how they don't comprehend that doing this just makes them vulnerable.
I supposed I could be qualified as "plastic"/"bandwagon" fan. I had no interest in the MLS until NYCFC came through. But I support the team in my city and I just want to support my team..I don't really have anything to prove lol.

Pretty crazy how angry people get over something that has literally nothing to do with them.
I supposed I could be qualified as "plastic"/"bandwagon" fan. I had no interest in the MLS until NYCFC came through. But I support the team in my city and I just want to support my team..I don't really have anything to prove lol.

Pretty crazy how angry people get over something that has literally nothing to do with them.
And that's the thing, everyone starts of without any MLS interest. I have been following since 2006 but before that I had no MLS interest. Even the angry people, they had no interest in MLS at one point. There is no point grandstanding and dick measuring because we all are fans on different points of the soccer fan spectrum. Maybe you are at the eurosnob phase, or the every four years I am a soccer fan phase. Or you support USA soccer all the way down and go to your local PDL team regularly. Wherever you are on the spectrum it is better to be welcoming than antagonistic, because you might be part of the reason they move along the spectrum.
I loathe people who try to argue that for some reason their fandom is purer or truer because they've been a fan longer or spend more money or can make more matches etc. The only measure of fandom is the passion you put towards the team. I just hate how that type of fan seems determined to chase away new fans. MLS needs more fans to have a higher salary cap and get better TV deals and better stadiums so why don't we tell new fans to jump in a fire? What better way to get Messi-type talent then half-empty stadiums full of "pure" fans?
I never had an interest in the MLS.
1. The product was not that great
2. My local team was named after an energy drink
3. Also their fans were even shittier

I dont have a BPL team and I dont particularly like Man City. If I am plastic or the Band Wagon, then so be it....
with Plastic comes Silverware.
Other fans are going to be aggressive because they fear the team is going to be good IMO. I am a MCFC fan and have been since the late 90's when they were in what is now League one. It used to be when I'd meet British folks and get to talking football they'd almost do a double take and make sure they heard right and that I'd said City not United. Then unless they were United supporters they'd generally be friendly and give me positive feedback. Now it's more like "you started following them last year" and get treated like you don't know much about the game. My point is if they thought we were going to stink I don't think you'd be getting that reaction.
Whenever you feel down, just look at pictures of how empty Hofstra stadium is and this video
I'd actually love to see that stadium filled (or that of any other lower division team). I want nothing less than a vibrant multi-tier system in the US. It benefits everyone in the long run. Yes, I know, they hate, they troll, but I pay them no mind. Keep our eyes on the big picture boys
This is the internet. Everyone is an internet thug. I really don't see anyone cheering us on. Seriously, if you look at North American terraces the whole thing is a flame war. Everyone graduated from the school of 4chan, we should know what we are getting involved in every time we turn on the monitor.

I will bet MY FUCKING LIFE, that by 2015 there will be a red bull vs city porn.

If it exists...
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Watched MLS vicariously for almost 10 years with no team to support. Thought about supporting the Red Bulls, even attended their games but honestly the experience was shyte.
I share the same story with a few of you guys on here, I could never really get into MLS. I found it to be too physical and too many long balls being played. I gave it another try when Thierry Henry came over but I couldn't do it. Now after NYCFC was announced I've been watching the games and its easy to see the quality has improved and is getting better. I can honestly say I support NYCFC not only because they're my hometown team but also to watch good live soccer.
To be honest, I started following MLS way back at the beginning in '96. I grew up in Ohio, so I started out as a Crew fan, and there's always going to be a part of me that's going to be black and gold.

But I've been living in New York City since 2012, I love New York City (it's where I first lived when my family moved to the States) and I'm a big believer in supporting your local team. That team is NYCFC, so here I am.

As for the 'haters': Ignore them. Seriously. You'll go nuts if you give any of that stuff shrift. You can't control what anyone says about you or the things you like, but you can control what you do in reaction to that. Giving them any kind of reaction gifts them power that they frankly haven't earned and don't deserve. So why bother?
NYers are always hated. Shit we hate ourselves at times just look at our sports.
Mets vs Yankees
Jets vs Giants
Rangers vs Islanders
Knicks vs Nets
NYC FC stands alone so we need some haters
Panda couldn't be more right, if you listen to that stuff it'll drive you to insanity.

I've supported a pretty dire football club (achievement wise) all my life, and I can honestly say you get just as annoyed at people in your own fanbase that criticise or troll other more successful teams because you know that's exactly where you'd want to be as a club.

The bottom line is that on this forum I see a wonderfully diverse group of knowledgeable football fans that have one thing in common, they support their local team. If anybody has a problem with that, they're an idiot.
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I supported the metros and then RBNY. I went to a lot of games in giants stadium as a teenager. Fell out with the supporters after I got ran out one day by rangers fans for wearing a Celtic jersey. Fuck that and fuck them too.

When NYCFC was announced I was over joyed at the thought of supporting a club IN THE CITY. I ain't no turn coat, and if you are called a turn coat, fuck em. I would rather support a team in NYC over a team in jersey any day.