"welcome To The Club" Contest At Nycfc.com


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Jul 16, 2014
Queens, NY
The team has a contest running now to win a nice collection of "4 tickets to opening day, a NYCFC scarf, and an autographed NYCFC replica jersey."


You have to sign up, watch a video and I guess you're entered. I haven't done so yet, just because I was surprised that I have to create yet another account with the team. I have my ticket account, and City Voice, and now this, which seems to require another password. I know the tickets have to be separate through Ticketmaster but it would be nice if the club combined the City voice and contest accounts.

But I mostly wanted to post this so people who aren't on the mailing list have a chance to win a nice package.
I agree. I wanted to watch, but how many times do we need to give them the same info. Asking for DOB really put me off.
Here it is.
i signed up, screw it maybe i do get lucky and get the prize....:D:D.

cool vid though and i do love some of the sketches he made, really lame that big flags are not allowed, would of loved some of the supporters groups to re create some of the designs that did not make it.
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I like how nearly all of the designs shown in the video were based on the shield design, but we ended up with the circle design haha. The right choice.

It would have been cool if they incorporated the Liberty Crown into the badge at the top. Any PS wizards want to give that a try?
Yeah, it's kinda lame that the video pretty much shows the evolution of the badge we didn't choose..
Not for nothing, and I am happy with the badge we ended up with, but there are a lot of potential options that they show in that video that would have given the circle badge a closer run for its money than that shield badge they ultimately gave us to vote on.