Seasoned Supporter
Dec 25, 2014
I am hosting a podcast with another supporter. We are putting out our first episode right around the Superdraft Jan 15. We will have four episodes prior to the start of the season and then one a week during the season.

I would like to include some of your comments and opinions. To start, tell me why you chose to support NYCFC.

Here's my story to get it started.

I played soccer as a kid until I graduated high school. I have always loved the sport. I used to watch terrestrial Spanish network broadcasts because it was the only place I could see games growing up.

I didn't embrace MLS until Red Bull Arena was built. I remembered seeing NY Cosmos games growing up and the thought of seeing The Meadowlands 1/10 full was depressing. I was a Season Ticket Holder for Red Bull for two years until 2013. I currently have season tickets to the NY Cosmos.

I chose NYCFC because MLS is the top tier of US Soccer Federation and I want to support a true New York team.

That's my #YNYCFC story. Tell me yours and I will try to include as many during upcoming podcasts.
I have loved soccer for the longest time. I was never able to get interested in MLS and was attracted to the European leagues. Mostly because I couldn't find a team to support in America. With the creation of a true New York team that shows great ambition, (and Frank Lampard), I finally have a team I can get behind and support as my #1 club. My #YNYCFC story.
Was always a casual MLS fan and never had a true team I could support. I am a Manchester City fan as well so with the creation of NYCFC it just seemed natural for me to make this my official #1 club. And yes I do support NYCFC over MCFC
Followed RBNY for a couple years. Never felt a true connection. When rumors broke out that there was a rekindled interest in NY2 my interest was piqued. I've been following developments since. My support is for my local team.