2014 Nfl Draft


Apr 10, 2014
Starts tonight!

Who is the first pick? Clowney, Manziel?

Heard some say Dallas are targeting Manziel. I kinda hope he stays in Texas.
Is anyone else laughing about Johnny Manziel right now?
I don't like him but I'm hoping he stays at a Texas team. I think he'd bring a lot of energy to either the Texans or Cowboys.
I wanted the Giants to take Zack Martin at 12. I hope Beckham Jr works out for us
I wanted the Giants to take Zack Martin at 12. I hope Beckham Jr works out for us
Yeah, I didn't like this pick for the Giants.

They could have probably traded back and got him or possibly even in the second round.

I love the pageantry and suspense of the NFL draft. It is the best of all the drafts and makes me glad football isn't a global sport.

Didn't like Bridgewater to the Vikings. Normally, I wouldn't like Manziel in the first round either but they also got a decent CB by trading back. Bortles to Jacksonville doesn't interest me either. The QB selection this year was rough at best. No slam dunks there.
The giants pick was smart. New O-Coordinator needs new weapons. The guy can return kicks as well. 4.4 speed. Was chosen as the most versatile player in college football. 1st team all-American as a returner.
Plenty of o-line left as well.
Too bad the Giants just signed a return man. Trindon Holiday from the Broncos will be there return specialist. Beckham Jr. is going to lineup opposite Victor Cruz and is essentially replacing Hakeem Nicks
The giants revamped their O-Line this offseason (to the point where its NOT being held together with duct tape) and ODB was the smart pick at 12. I wasnt expecting it, but a talent like that is hard to turn away ESPECIALLY after losing big hands Hakeem Nicks. they have picks in rounds 2-6 so expect them to add some depth to O-line and D-line respectively and probably the TE from Notre Dame Troy Niklas.

Their squad is gonna be sick next year