2015 Complete Mls Schedule Is Out

it's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. schedules tend to rotate year after year.
I would understand if this wasn't our inaugural year and if frank lampard were here at the start of the season... not to mention the fact that yankee stadium holds a much more substantial amount of spectators... lampard + gerrard @ Yankee Stadium=sell out... they owed us that one
Disgusted that they didn't schedule the LA Galaxy at Yankee Stadium this year... what are they thinking?

Yanks are playing at home on this day. This game has to be in LA. They're also playing at home the day before and the day after. Grounds crew needs 3 days to turn over the field. I don't see the big deal here. Sure, I'd prefer LA at home, but it is what it is. We do get Seattle which is nice.
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Gerrard signed this literally today. It happens. So many moving parts to a schedule and can't just force a trip to NY because one guy signed today. I'm just happy it's out.