2023 NYCFC Kit Thread

No energy drink, obvious. No Liberty bell, same.
No striped shirt- Atlanta?
No throwing? catching? an open drink container?!?!
No sitting on a backless bench?!?!
Yes to painting with a roller???
Someone explainer this for me please.

From TR:

"Here at The Third Rail, we are proud to present our take on the NYCFC x NYC Parks collaboration with our own summer weight scarf. Designed by Robert Downes, Ben Maltz and Felix Palao, this scarf is our own modified NYC Parks sign which playfully replaces the traditional sign icons with the Do’s and Don'ts in our supporter section. This 100% polyester scarf is great addition to your collection, and will match up perfectly with your NYC Parks inspired kit that was just released."
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Awful lot. They should have just used the NY Parks green polos. It’s classic
they are doing the first 200 customers thing again at the montreal game for the parks kit. get a special edition patch. anybody know what that patch is?
It’s so hard to get behind buying a kit that is connected in any way to this season. Unless maybe with the name We Suck and number 23.
Anyone know how often and for how long the Parks kit will be worn?
Omg I own that revs kit because it’s the ugliest kit in football history. It was once described as the American flag vomiting. We are being trolled.
Love it or hate it that Revs kit is memorable as hell . Taking off homer tinted glasses I probably won’t remember this NYCFC third kit in a year or two .
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I tried not to be a homer on this one. I honestly think the Red Bulls one was best, but that got eliminated, and the others are uninspiring. So, I voted for NYCFC. Seeing how far behind we are, I am now rooting for New England. If we need chaos, that's the shirt, no doubt.
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