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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
I'll be opening the season ticket holder competition section shortly. If you still haven't been verified by us please do!
Forums are back online now for good. Sorry if any of your information was lost. BUT we did open up before the domain fully migrated so the posts were made on the old servers.
So let's get this thing rolling and never look back. Time to show the rest of the league what a strong community NYCFC is!
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We had to revert to a save from Sunday morning. With the site being in maintenance mode most of the day I think we lost 40 posts.
It's for the better. This new host will be able to run us well past 1 Million posts and is specific to forum hosting to come with heavy server loads.
It's all a go from here!
Welcome back.
Are there any specific changes or additions/subtractions from the previous host that we should know about?
Haha thanks guys. Yeah it's definitely become a hub for fans as of late. Very proud of all you guys have done to help us get this far