Do You Play?


May 3, 2014
I was just wondering how many people on here actually play soccer/football. I played a lot in HS and have since been a dabbler. Most of my soccer nowadays is one-off indoor games, playing with kids and FIFA.

How about you guys? Anyone never played before?
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Played in a local youth club until I moved to the US. Stopped playing competitively until high school but my team was mediocre. Long story short the years I didn't play affected my development. and I stopped taking it seriously. Played with some NYCFC fans at pier 40 during the summer before I moved.
Played youth and HS now I play collegiate level (division 3). Although to be honest I am probably good enough for a small Division 1 team.
My first organized sport was soccer but I didn't take to it. Don't even think I finished a full season. Then played football and didn't stop until I was 22.

I don't play at all but my son does.
I play once a week, 7-aside outdoor on a 3G pitch (has to be, given the lovely Northern Irish weather). I'm not very skillful but I have a decent level of fitness compared to the average player in our crowd so I do OK-ish. Plus I love it so I'd do it anyway!
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I played youth soccer for 1 year, then I was old enough to start pee-wee football. Played football through high-school. These days I kinda wish I had stuck with soccer, but it is what it is.
Started playing soccer when I was 6 and played up until college. Now I play whenever I can with my friends but I miss competitive matches
Haha, no. It's a good thing, too. I'm absolutely awful. I've got good timing for a slide tackle, but that's about my one redeeming feature. Can't shoot, can't pass more than about 10 metres and can't defend that well either. I was truly born to sit in the stands and watch.
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I grew up playing Gaelic football. We dabbled in soccer in grammar school in the 70's cuz my gym teacher was Arnie Ramirez, who went on to coach LIU and work the Pele soccer camps. I didn't pick up soccer again until I was an adult and playeed weekly from 2001-2007 with work mates. Moved to a different job and haven't played since
I played soccer from age 1o to 15 and really enjoyed it. I wasn't very skilled and fitness was the only redeeming quality I had. I moved on and in high school focused on other sports where I was actually good.
mostly pick up games all my life as there werent many clubs growing up and my schools didnt have a team. Went to a pick up game thru a group in last year in the city. i sucked of course, but the pain in artifical grass afterwards was too much, at 25 never did i think id feel old. :D

but id still want to try again bit by bit maybe a coed league or something for fun mostly.
I played in school back in the 70s for a few years. Coached the kids for a few years and still kick the ball around in the parking lot at work in the summers.
I have threatened myself with going to play with the Central American guys pickup games at the park but haven't pulled the trigger.
i played in the Viareggio Cup in 2010 and 2011... D2 college level...and USSF academy... now im playing around during the week and weekends in long island/queens. in the spring/summer i usually play pickup almost every day locally.
I was ok in HS. Last time I tried to play organized footie was in grad school in London. I tried to play with my uni team. I was in my late 20s by then, eveyone else was early 20s/late teens. I was also living on a steady diet of a pack of camels, a flask of marks & spencers wiskey, a tesco tuna sandwich and a batter sausage and chips every day. Needless to say, my fitness level was not the greatest and I've hung up the cleats since. May try a comeback this summer with my AO chapter. But I might need the fat frank treatment and be limited to a 5 minute cameo.