Here's The Premier League Table If Only Goals By English Players Counted.


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Mar 26, 2014
In honour of the England squad being announced today.


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I have a table saved somewhere that reflects the standings if only players named John were allowed to stand on the pitch.

Jokes aside, this is a less relevant study of the premier league, and more an indictment of the quality of English players. If they were of the quality of the Germans, Spanish, or Argentinians, most of the clubs starting elevens would be comprised almost entirely by Englishmen.

Unfortunately, they are not, and there is a concentration of English players at certain clubs (including Liverpool, though, two of their best Englishmen were not trained there).
I never liked those kind of tables, they're always drawn up by the media when they have an agenda to push. I suspect if they were to do a table based on goals saved by English keepers then it would tell a completely different story. All it's really doing is criticising teams who have defensive English players but not offensive ones.