Nycfc On Seeing Red

Hey guys. I posted this to Facebook, but I figured I would share it here too.

If you skip to around the 50th minute mark you will hear that NYCFC and the supporters are mentioned. Have a listen. I think there is a good message in there for us.
I'm trying to download it so I can listen to it in it's entirety through my shift. Though, I did skip to the 50 min mark. All that matters is people are talking about us. We've got a year to keep reminding soccer fans that NYCFC is coming.

I mentioned it in the FB post, but I'll throw it here too. I liked the question after the FC segment regarding the expansion draft and which RB players have a realistic chance of being pickd up by NYC or Orlando. I'd really like to see Sekagya wearing blue. Bover could also show potential. and of course Meara.