Oc Lions Reasoning For A Rilvary With Nycfc

Corny as all hell.

No, it's not a rivalry. Because we're NEW YORK FUCKING CITY and you... are the Home of Disney World. As they so keenly pointed out, Orlando is where people go when they are DONE with doing exciting and relevant things.
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Yo, we do have to add one thing to our chant pool regarding OC:

Hey, Mickeys! *clap-clap* *clap*

That's it. No song. No more lyrics. Just that.
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I made this a while back. Sums our "rivalry" with OCSC up perfectly.
So they argue that there is a rivalry between the two teams not because of any link between the two teams (well, not except briefly) but more because of telling us how we should view ourselves and our position in MLS? You stay classy, OCSC.
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Few things:

You know, NYCFC actually made a kit. You don't have to plagiarize Drainyoo's design for the NYCFC kit for your weird image.

In your "we're so awesome image" you have an Orlando SC massive fathead over your bed? I thought that was really badass in middle school.

"huge name coming in...eventually" Um, we already have Villa and Mix. They're big names. And Villa is better than Kaka.

You guys are seriously going to get pumped up for a game against the Richmond Kickers and Charleston Battery? That's a thing you just wrote? THIS IS WHY YOU'RE NOT OUR RIVAL.

"Other than the 2 or 3 times they play (RBNY) each season, what is there to look forward to?" You know, 3 times a season seems to work pretty well for Seattle/Portland. Houston and Dallas hate each other and they've been playing once a year for a while. Oh, and the answer is: The Revolution, the Union, DC United, and Toronto. Is that enough to look forward to, while you're pining for the one game against Sporting KC and an Open Cup against Tampa?

"Orlando has a unique kit which isn't a copy of any EPL team" Actually your kit is a fairly obvious purple version of the Adidas template for Chelsea. The away kit is a white jersey of that same template.

Look, maybe the thing with Orlando becomes a rivalry. Rivalries are made on the field, and while it's pretty obvious that RBNY/NYCFC will be, there's no reason to think Orlando becomes our rival any more than the Revs. Sporting KC and Houston hate each other because of clashes in the playoffs. When that happens, sure, maybe you become a rival. But until then you're another Eastern conference team that we'd like to beat because that's 3 points closer to a playoff spot.
Mets-Marlins, not a rivalry
Yankees-Rays, not a rivalry
Jets-Dolphins, not a rivalry
Giants-Jaguars, not a rivalry
Knicks-Magic, not a rivalry
Nets-Magic, not a rivalry
NYC FC-Orlando SC, not a rivalry

NOT OUR RIVAL! Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. NOT OUR RIVAL!