Official - 10,000 Seats Sold


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
I think this figure is amazing and am very happy that the club decided to make it public.
For a team with only a handful of players and nothing else to draw people it's a great number.
They're showing no signs of stopping with adverts and once that 3rd DP comes we should see another boost.
I'm thinking 15,000 seats come start of season which leaves only about 15,000 for single game tickets.

Yeah,this is a exciting announcement. But for me, season tickets are only a small part of the future fan base. A lot of fans dont want to attend so many games or cant afford season tickets. So we will not see real fanbase until march! Very exciting!
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Anyone know what the various season-ticket holder bases are around the league?
Something I want to mention. We can have a lot of season tickets sold but it's important to have YS as full as possible. So I hope if people can't make it to games, they give em out to friends and relatives.
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Yea, I'm not sure season tickets are in the cards for me like i previously hoped, but I still plan on being there often! It's so great to see a foundation being built.
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Wouldn't say its amazing its kind of in the region I expected all along at this stage. That's not to put a dampener on it by any means but its hardly a shock.
Light green is the color you want to worry about. A lot of the green @ 5:00 is reserved as away sections and family, which are single match only. It's the same way at 8:00 if I remember correctly. Let's not forget, 10,000 reserved seats are a little less than half capacity. I would rather have almost filled sections throughout the stadium than have everyone sitting on one side of the field.
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Since the 10,000 was hit and we were able to see the seats in each section my section 229 has gone from 134 open to 125 and section 228 went from 13 open down to 9 so tickets are still being sold. anyone else see there section open seats go down?
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also many sections like 108,205,011,012,127B all have less than 10 seats left and sections 128,134,132,125,124and 207 have less than 50 each.Thats only 350 seats from flipping 11 more sections red.
Considering about half the people I mention the team too have never heard about it thats pretty good.
It also looks like the Premium seats seats have done well; most likely with corporations. the cost per ticket per game is so much lower than knicks and rangers games, and considering theres not 41 games I would think these will sell out.
Contest for the Club: Guess how many seats are sold by years end and win a 4 tickets to a game(season ticket holders get an upgrade)