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Your Feelings on NYCFC Home Kit

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    Votes: 47 26.3%
  • Hate It

    Votes: 46 25.7%
  • Hate - Will Purchase To Support Club

    Votes: 18 10.1%
  • Neutral

    Votes: 68 38.0%

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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
So with all that happened today lets see where EVERYONE stands on the kit with a simple vote.

Love It
Hate It
Hate It But Will Purchase

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I certainly don't hate it, but quite frankly I don't love it either, hence my NEUTRAL vote.

As I've mentioned in other posts I fully understand the sky blue/Etihad connection, so that doesn't bother me. However I'll still maintain our inaugural jersey should have been tweaked a bit to give it a somewhat unique NYCFC identity of its own.

Going to save my $125 until Jersey Week rolls around when the road unis (hopefully) pack a bigger punch.
I liked it, didn't hate it or just absolutely love it, but I went for the love vote
I'm gonna have to cast a neutral vote. Its not great, nor is it pitiful.
Just a tad disappointed that although we all know CFG is Big Business, the club had managed to keep us engaged on a very personal level. From badge creation to meet and greet Q&A's, I was impressed with their strategy.
This was a missed opportunity to follow along those lines because this is straight corporate board room branding.
It all feels a bit less genuine today is how I can describe it, but that's me being melodramatic I guess.
Anyway, I'm ready for Away's and third jerseys.
Frankly, no one likes it becaise it sucks. And we had to listen to some fake toothed Brit tell us how much we mean to Etihad, as a piece of Citeh.

They need to get their shit together. Severe disappointment for me thus far. Stop it pernetti. Go back to stirring problems with ncaa. WE would like a real club.
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We have a hack fired from Rutgers running the show. How much better is it going to get?

Shit. Teach DV 10 english words. It's so half assed it hurts.
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Apparently even though I signed up from day 1 and got season tickets even though I recently moved to Quebec, voicing a negative opinion on having our very first ever jersey being a MCFC clone doesn't make me a real fan.
Sadly that does seem to be the opinion of some. I would suggest that its not the majority. Many on this forum and other social outlets have clearly taken your opinion. However it would probably be best to cool off and think about what you want out of this experience before making a sweeping judgement. IMHO.