Oh We Are The Third Rail Of New York City



Oh we are the Third Rail
Of New York City
We're rollin through Jersey
We're burnin down Philly
Where ever you're fighting
We'll always follow
And we bring the party (WHERE AT!?!?!)
Through every borough
NYC, NYC, this is where I wanna be
NYC, NYC, city's who I came to see

"Oh we are the third rail" would start around the 12 second mark of this video. This is a pretty big chant used by a lot of South American clubs. I love the energy and rhythm to it, I think these lyrics fit pretty well. Any thoughts?

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I like it. But I feel like we shouldn't name drop Jersey or Philly unless the song is a rivalry song. If it's supporting the team, it should be general enough to apply to anyone we face.
I agree with CP. How about we're rolling through [insert opponent] we're burning down the rest?
Well, I think whether philly or "jersey" are our official rivals or not, we shouldn't have any problems insulting them. I thought philly and jersey rhymed nice in this song, so it would pretty much have to be redone completely if you want to change it