Random Question: Robots?


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Apr 23, 2014
Just curious. In the who's online section, it says X online- members: Y guests: Y robots: Y
What are robots and what are they doing in our forum lol?
Haha that comb the forum for google, yahoo and other search engines. That's all. If you click on "Who Is Online" it will show what they are.
They crawl the forum for search engines. These exist on EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE. If you click the users online it shows you which bot is which.
Go and type my original post into Google, it will come right up in the search. That how Google and other engines gets it's data. When you type in things like "NYCFC" or "Lampard" or "Third Rail", certain relevant pages on this forum will come up in the search. It's how Google keeps it's information current, they are crawling on websites all the time.
p.s. yes I did look into this a bit after I started this thread lol.