Read Before Posting


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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
We were asked to make this section to let posters vent and debate topics which would typically not be allowed in the forums.
All that we ask is that you
1. Refrain from direct insults. If you can't do this you'll be warned, and if the issue persist you'll be banned.

This section was made because people asked for it and we granted it. Now if you can't comply with these rules then your privilege to post here and if it comes down to it on these forums will be taken away.

2. If you disagree with a topic and don't like what's being said then don't post in it or look at it. Otherwise you're going to simply contribute to the circle and not get anywhere but annoyed.

3. If you feel the need to continue the CFG/MCFC/Etc debate feel free. If you're tired of it, once again don't look at it, turn off the notifications and ignore it. (Like I have).

Bottom line... If you're going to post here and then take things personally... Don't post here.