Stafium Expirence


Mar 27, 2014
Im pretty confident in the fact that the big wigs of the club roam this site from time to time. So in an effort to get a say on what we want in a SSS, i start this thread.

Feel free to say exactly what you want when it comes to a new sss. Maybe someone would see it and make it real
I want a standing only (no seats) support section, similar to the Kop. Allow an infinite amount of people there but tix there should be sold at like 5$ more than a normal seat.
Im hoping for something similar to SKC's stadium. i don't want to big of a stadium first of all. (20k max) have a bar in the stadium. terrace seating with tables and chairs where you can sit there the whole game and order food and drink and have it bought to your seat. they really nailed it over there in kansas city.
their members club has a bar and I'm pretty sure food service. Is open 3 hours before home games and is open after games. It is also open during away games which is awesome. They can get everyone together in one place to watch their games on the road

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full bar, tv's all over...what more could you ask for for a pre/post/away game spot? RIGHT IN THE STADIUM.

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Yeah, the lowest seats should be as close to the grass as possible, open roof stadium, that holds around 20K, hopefully the seating prices are on par with what they are at Yankee Stadium, as I think they are for the most part the sweet spot of pricing. hopefully no NFL style PSL nonsense involved.

also a perk for season ticket holders should be a team meet and greet event.
I want 25k at least. If the team is competitive and the stadium is next to Yankee stadium filling it up shouldn't be an issue.
i would say start at 20k but build it so it can be easily expanded 25k, 30k...i know this is nyc but i don't want to see some of the stadium empty. I would rather there be less seats and have butts in every one of them than have more seats and a partially empty stadium...doesn't look good on tv.. ie. Red Bull Arena
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Honestly, I can't even be that picky. They could build an exact replica of RBA and I'd be ecstatic.
Everybody!!!! Lets hit bronx's bourough president on twitter asking for the approval!! @rubendiazjr is his account
I dont think he has any legit power. Just a title

He might not have that much power, im with you there but this guy sent a letter to the MLS last year talking for the bronx getting the team.

Its better to have him pushing for the team to stay than opposing the stadium project.