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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
Not team news but might as well be since we're just as important and you love us.
All joking aside thanks to all you've done over the last ... What.. 8 months? We've grown a lot, especially in the last few months and will only get bigger as we roll into 2015.
25,000 posts is an amazing accomplishment as the majority of forums don't even see a 1,000. With your continued support NYCFCForums will be the go-to site for NYCFC discussion. We've had some rough times and not everyone gets along but at the end of the day having a place to discuss our football team and grow the supporter base is all that matters. Thanks again for coming here for your NYCFC fix. I hope to have a giveaway ready by December so stay tuned!

Shoutout to @Przemek Michalowicz for the awesome design!

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Is there anyway to see what number user I am?

There may be a way in the admin tools, but that's a job for another time I'm afraid. Unfortunately the software this forum is hosted on doesn't facilitate a full member list by default, it only has a page for showing the highest post count/like count/staff members. It probably could be altered, but that's a lot of investigation work just to answer a pretty minor question, if you don't mind me saying so.

Edit: I'll say this - you joined just a few days before David Villa was announced. I don't recall how exactly that went down but I do remember that the Villa announcement was our first spike in membership/interest. You're probably in the first 300 members, but I can't say further than that.
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Great job by all the mods and all the posters. Even knuckleheads like @MagnusPax, Midas Mulligan Midas Mulligan, @AndreT_NY
Hey, someone has to keep it entertaining. I like to drive conversation. A fair portion of my posts are absolutely for that reason. The rest of them are either my actual feelings, me being bored and three sheets, or because I want to Internet fight someone.