Tony Taylor [Forward]


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Mar 19, 2014
Queens, NY
Name: Alejandro Antonio Taylor
Joined Club: 12/11/2014
Position: Forward/Striker
Number: 99

Acquired via Expansion Draft from New England Revolution - 5th selection

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Does anybody know his status? I was at the game but was talking and didn't see the play just the crowd reacting to him falling.

Nothing as of yet. They could be waiting for the swelling to go down for a good MRI image. They also may already know and just haven't released anything.
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Rupture is bad hopefully he has a quick and full recovery.
Out for the season on his debut, talk about unlucky. Poor guy, get well soon Tony!
It's a goddamn shame. He scored one helluva golazo in preseason at the City Football Academy and was putting in a good shift when this happened. I really feel for the guy. Significant loss for the club this season as well.
When I read he was out it really upset me. Not because of how it affects the team but for him. He's a young talented player who just started seeing some playing time then this happens.
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