Villa For 2015 Mvp?


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Jun 10, 2014
What is the probability David Villa wins MVP during the inaugural season for NYCFC?
I mean...looking at things completely from an "on paper" perspective he catapults right to the top of the list in terms of players with goal scoring ability...

And obviously, unlike the arrival of David Beckham, Villa plays in a position where individual creative skill can probably have the biggest possible impact...

Assuming NYCFC does a decent job of surrounding him with talent, he certainly will be in a position to be at the top in goals...
Well should "probability" in this case be based on common sense or a mathematical formula? It would certainly be poor considering all the promotional aspects if he wasn't in the top 5 at least. Its vital that this signing does not end in failure and there's positive signs it won't. Of course that's barring injuries because a fully fit Villa should have absolutely no concerns at all. If he's not the MVP he should be very close to it. Perhaps one of his NYCFC teammates will usurp him in the performance rankings.