Claudio Reyna = Clown

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No, you can thank the PR department of NYC/City for crafting that statement. Very doubtful that Reyna had anything to do with it.
I emailed rep to let him know of the shit storm coming his way and I recorded a very generic reply as well.
Yeah, I don't know about Reyna. I'm a little worried about him, honestly.

He played for MCFC and so I wonder if he feels more loyalty to them than to us. I hope that's not the case, especially for JK's sake, that guy is way too good to be a part of an organization that's run like this, honestly.

Listen to this interview with him about leaving RSL. Guy had to fight back the tears, the passion he had for RSL, to leave it for this shit show is

I promise you guys, however pissed off we are, Kreis and Reyna are 100x more pissed off.

This is their livelihood we're talking about and they both just got reamed.
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They can't possibly have a PR department - not with the lack of attention they pay to their consecutive missteps.
I agree that they seem more happy to ignore whatever is happening than address the issues. I took one PR class in college and I feel like I'm more qualified than whoever they have working for them now.
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