Kwame Watson-siriboe


Mar 19, 2014
Down & Out
Just swung a deal with RSL for defender Kwame Watson-Siriboe for our 4th round pick in the 2016 Super Draft.

So, should I be excited over this move?
Well the guy is 27 years old and has played in MLS for past 4 years. Wouldn't say "excited" is the right word (can't see too many getting that surname printed on their shirts) but presumably he's solid. At least that's what Kreis thinks and since he knows the guy who else can judge better? Can't recall seeing the guy play so there's not really anything more for me to add.
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Can´t go wrong with a Asante warrior shoring up the defence.. :cool:

But seriously, given that he´s from RSL I think I´ll trust Kreis judgement on this player.
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Just checked out Reddit and spoke to a RSL fan I know on twitter. The consensus is NYCFC is a winner here. Real had to get rid of a player for their incoming DP so it was easy for Kreis to do business with them. We only gave up a fourth round pick, better to get a player you're familiar with than getting an unknown that late in the draft.
Was with the Fire (who are the team I follow, just watching NYCFC develop) for a bit, didn't play much. Can't say much about him.
His 2014 salary is only $55,000, I would assume it will be in that neighborhood next season. These are the guys that are key to building quality rosters in MLS, guys that have some experience and can contribute off the bench or as a spot starter for a close to minimum cap hit. Obviously MLS is different from the EPL where you can have boat loads of money outside the starting XI, here you need to have a couple of bargain contributing starters and role players. KW-S, if healthy, certainly seems like he can be one of those guys.
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