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Apr 23, 2014
Toronto officially got the boot today after stinking it up against last place Montreal in a three red-card match! Last night's match saw Portland draw RSL in what was one of the more exciting 0-0 draws your ever going to see!
Tonight, Philly plays KC in a match that has very big implications on the eastern conference playoff standings. This match is the free stream of the week on and should be a great match.

Dallas is beating Colorado late in their match on NBCSN.
DCU plays Chicago, any points will secure DCU's #1 seed. They can't win the Supporter's Shield because LA and Seattle play each other twice, so one of them will have to have 62 or more points.
SJ plays Vancouver tonight and it's a big game for Vancouver in their playoff fight.
Tomorrow RBNY plays Columbus in another key eastern conference playoff impact game.

The big game of the week is tomorrow nights SEAvLA match. The battle for the #1 and supporter's shield will have big CCL implications as well.
I wanted RB to shit the bed and miss the playoffs so that we could ride in on our stallion with our white (sky blue) cape to save New York soccer.
If they do make it, they will choke once again. If they play New England, THierry Henry won't play on Gillette's turf so they will lose that one.
So RB played like crap today and lose to Columbus! This puts them at 5th at the moment which would not guarantee a home match for them. One week to go. DCU has secured first place and the Revs locked up 2nd.

I am very much looking forward to tonight game. LA-SEA on espn2! The two best teams in the league battling for Supporter's shield and home-field. Still some CCL ramifications on this match.