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Mar 17, 2014
Tampa, Florida
Anyone else watching the opening game. Didn't know much about the Ariana chick but damn I'll be doing some googling later.
Gotta love that Seattle atmosphere!
Ariana Grande is definitely hot haha and Seattles D looks very good so far.
The only thing I know about Ariana Grande is that her brother on Big Brother made a big thing about him being Ariana Grande's brother. :D
Lol I said the atmosphere was good.
She doesn't look 12 to me :/. A younger jessica alba.
But Seahawks did surprise me. Honestly didn't expect them to come out the way they did. Especially against an offensive powerhouse like Greenbay. Nor did I expect them to put up that many points. Percy Harvin surprised me and green bay did a bad job of keeping him contained. So are they this good with Percy back or did Gb just suck that bad at containing him? All you have to do against Seahawks is contain their throwing game and you make them 1 dimensional. The moment they set up their passing game Beast Mode found his holes and went off. Making fantasy owners very happy. He was coming into this year with a lot of doubts.
Russell Wilson is the key to that offense. Very versatile QB. Great arm and vision. Then you add Beast Mode and Percy Harvin to that and you have a very talented offense with a lot of options
The Jets

It's getting to a point where I can barely watch them.
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I'm surprised you watched them to begin with. (Says the diehard Giants fan). Will you guys be sticking with Vick or going back to Smith next game?

GMen on the up, huge game against those filthy birds from philly this weekend.
Anyone else sick of the Giants having almost every damn game a night game? I hate prime time games.
I'm not surprised at all. Jim Irsay is legend for having the vision and the balls to cut him. He can do everything but win you a Super Bowl. He needs to retire.