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So, I haven’t been an NFL fan in a while, but on Disney+ they did a fun match up called Andy’s Room where they digitized the players and made them play the jaguar falcons game in the Toy Story world. It was an interesting way to watch the game. Obviously this was their first run at it and it could use some work but for what they were able to do I was impressed! I’ll attach a clip from the game. Spoilers for the game if you have any interest in watching it lol

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This was posted on Reddit at 8:03pm last night, ie halftime when the lions were up 24-7. Detroit Lions fan. The title even says I know this is a Shwafta Shwafta job but I don't care. 🤣🤣🤣

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The sub now has about 17 new memes making fun of this one. It's glorious.

Never, ever, break the first rule of superstitious sports trash talk.
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Niners won because I accidentally bet the over (which missed) instead of them to win, which I was trying to do. Phew!