Nycfc Ringtones!?


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Jun 29, 2014
If I knew how I would so I am appealing to the group here. I would like to have something NYCFC related as a ring tone slash message, something simple maybe get some of the guys together to chant NYCFC repeatedly? Obviously at some point we can record a chant on game day but for now I need something. I already have I believe that we will win as a ringtone. I'm itching for something NYCFC as a text alert etc. Anyone up to the challenge?
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Also I thought I was in the supporters section when I posted this if any of the admits want to move it that's cool too.
Eh, well ringtones are fairly easy to do these days; just make any sound recording yourself and then select the file on your phone as a ringtone. It's almost the kind of thing that's easier to organise yourself than search for. Just attend a future TR event and get a chant going, then record it on your phone.

I'm sure in good time there will be tons of this kind of thing floating around, but right now it's on the people who have the ideas to take the initiative.
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