Posting Delay


Seasoned Supporter
Apr 23, 2014
I was watching the EC final today and was making a comment in the MLS playoff thread. Just seconds after I posted, the Revs scored. I went to post about the goal but got the warning that I had to wait 41 seconds to post.

I understand the need for a delay on this site, but I would like to suggest reducing to maybe 30 seconds. It will be much more necessary next season when we are playing games and have PBP threads. It can make it difficult to discuss the match when you have to wait 60 seconds.
It probably does not matter much on a daily basis, but on gamedays it should be shorter. Perhaps change it to 15 seconds on matchdays, but that would require a manual change every time.
I think 30 seconds is the best medium.
The only reason it's there is for spam control. For the match days we will implement the shout box again so people can discuss the game in real time. But for those that would rather post we could definitely decrease the time to something more practical for fast paced conversation.