New To This

Jon Sanchez

May 19, 2014
Hey! I'm Jon, by now most people know me or have met me at one of the events that have taken place for this club. Feel free to trash talk me being that I was introduced at the last Hatter meeting as a "board member" !!!!
Welcome! We met briefly at the meet, I'm Dave. I'm glad you finally decided to come check us out. I wouldn't worry about people hatin on you. We've got a good group here who are passionate about the future of the team. They want to make sure everything is done right the first time.

Stick around, jump in on conversations, start your own. I think you'll find the Forums as a pretty welcoming place that's much more fitted to discussing NYCFC.

Also, send @NYCFC_Dan a message. He will be able to give you Admin rights to the Supporters Group section.
Welcome :D

There's no hate-just banter. Glad to see you on the forum. Let us know if we can help the board out with anything.