Ny Mets


Jul 7, 2014
Anyone else think that if the Mets keep playing the way they are and get more offense in the way of trades they may have a chance to make it to the playoffs? or at least next year.
I don't see them making the playoffs this year unless they pull of some blockbuster trade which I don't see happening. As for next year who knows....
I think they need to remain the pace, the team is loaded to the gills with pitching, no need to rush and trade away parts unless its the right move. I've always said the Mets & Cubs would make perfect trade partners, Mets have an over abundance of pitching prospects, and shallow position player pool and the Cubs are loaded with position player prospects and shallow on pitching.

right now, I compare the team to the 1984 Mets, the pieces are coming into place, and it needs a couple of smart moves to bring it all together.
Starting to feel that way. Lots of great young pitching, but nothing in the way of great hitting prospects.