Hello From Long Island!


Jul 27, 2014
I am so excited to be joining all of you guys as we get ready for the 2015 inaugural campaign for NYCFC. I only recently decided that NYCFC will be my team going forward after watching the MLS as an objective observer since March of this year.

Obviously, RBNY is being followed locally here on MSG and all, so I watched a lot of their games. I decided that I will watch them and see if I feel any sense of loyalty towards Henry and those boys. Nothing. I enjoyed the games don't get me wrong but I just didn't care if they won or not. I've watched pretty much all of the games aired nationally and love it!

Looking through the forums, I feel that being behind a team from their first season on is special. I will feel a sense of loyalty when someone will wind up asking me what the logo means. We will be part of history as we watch the first corner kicks from historic Yankee Stadium. Think of yourself as an older person, looking back if MLS catches on and takes over some other leagues. You could say that you were there when soccer took over New York City.

Talk with you all soon!
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