Seems Like Miami Isn't Happening, What City Should Replace It?

I wouldn't mind seeing New Orleans, they are in the central time zone but closet enough to the eastern time zone, that it would make sense to have them be an eastern team and a west team.
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Not east coast obviously but I hope Becks moves on to San Diego! I think the potential is so huge and MLS is missing out on that market for youth development. Finding young kids to develop into future stars would be like having a club in Brazil lol!
Beckham wants Miami. MLS wants Miami. Miami doesn't want to pay for a stadium and seem to be deaf when it comes to screaming at them that Becks and friends are paying for it.

If its not Miami, it will one of the Vegas/Minnesota/Sacramento/San Antonio/etc that are making noise for those 23rd and 24th slots.

However I am fairly confident that MLS will indeed return to Miami.
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Why are they begging Miami to take a team? Is the TV market that large?
So if Miami is indeed "dead" for now and with LA's 2nd spot taken what's the ideal 3rd choice for his wife?
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Honolulu or Lahaina .... Lets get a worthwhile away trip ; ) (and yes I have been to both)
According to that list Detroit, Phoenix, Tampa/St. Petersburg, and Minneapolis are all larger and don't have MLS teams yet.
Miami is only of the U.S. 's glamour cities. There is a sex appeal about it that MLS wants, and if Miami isn't coming into the league you would want a city that kinda of appeal on the east coast.
why did the Miami Fusion fail? It failed once so why try again? Unless the team was not actually in Miami?
Fusion played in Ft. Lauderdale. It's interesting, the narrative I've heard was that Miami fans stopped supporting the team when it was not successful on the field, but I just found this article with quotes from the owner (Horowitz) blaming the lack of local support contrasted with other locals saying Horowitz was just passing the buck for his own mistakes.