Twitter Is Ablaze With Talk Of Frank Lampard, Too.

I think we might be hearing a lot of names around now because it will draw traffic to whoever says something.
Only time will tell now.
Ugh frank lampard? I'll take the two Spanish lads, and jozy. However I would rather see jozy stay in England.

Zlatan won't come to the MLS yet. Plus all this talk about retiring in the MLS is nonsense, I heard him say the same thing about Celtic last year. I think he panders to any reporter , covering all his bases.

I guess Frank Lampard said some pretty controversial things about America right after 9/11 so I'm skeptical.
For our American, I really hope we get Mix instead of Jozy.
Not that it will happen, but I think it could be possible to get both.

Mix is out of contract at the end of 2014, which lines up perfectly for him to sign as a free transfer. As a free transfer, I think it's conceivable he could be got for sub DP wages. Because NYCFC will be #1 or #2 in the allocation order, it should be easy to sign him through the allocation order.

Meanwhile, Jozy is under contract at Sunderland. Since they just spend $13 million a year ago to get him, they won't let him go cheaply, even if he did have a poor season. I think MLS will be willing to bypass the allocation order for a team willing and able to spend big to sign Altidore, just as they did for Bradley and Dempsey.

However I don't think Jozy wants to give up on Europe yet. And I also think that if NYCFC get Villa, the team will have more pressing needs than getting another DP forward.
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Meh both Lampard and Xavi are old and doubt they'll make an impact.
I wouldn't be surprised if Jozy gets sold. Sunderland is in trouble financially and they have a young, homegrown, striker that they like better than him anyway. I don't know what his wages are now - and this doesn't mean he's coming to the US - but I could easily see him being sold this Summer.

What is Mix's wage right now? Could we give him a raise and keep him under DP money? That would be perfect.
The original rumour about Lampard was about him going to Melbourne..
The original rumour about Lampard was about him going to Melbourne..

Plus the obligatory LA Galaxy rumors.

Sounds like Omar Gonzales is going to be sold this summer and end up in Mexico. Interesting.
Being a Chelsea fan I'm biased but I think Lampard still has a good amount to bring to the game so I'd love to see him at NYCFC
It's not even close. I would probably take Mix over Xavi as well.

My preference rank among rumored midfielders:
Anyone else
Bring Claudio back
Seriously, anyone

I'm not arguing about who is the better player. It's just who I want to have on our team.

If we don't get Mix, what other US internationals would even be a possibility? There's no way that TFC would sell Bradley to us, is there? Probably a long shot...I think if Bradley has a good WC, he might be headed back to Europe anyway.
I don't think JJ would leave Germany and Geoff Cameron won't leave England