Draft Scarfs

Loved that scarf! Loved the logo coming together on both sides. Need. Neeeeeeed. Neeeeeeeeeed. Take it! Take my money!
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Just looked at a bunch of places and could not find them online. Does anyone know who manufactured them? I have yet to see an Adidas logo on any of them.
This is one area MLS fails to exceed at. If this were the NFL or MLB, you could have gone directly to their main site and these would have been staring you in the face for purchase. MLS has a bunch of supporters scouring the globe for them lol.
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Similar to the beanie that NYCFC made I think these are NOT for sale. They can make stuff that doesn't have Adidas logo but they can't sell stuff. It sucks and is probably why MLS wouldn't respond.
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Then why make make them and not sell them lol? They have several other scarves already.
Does anyone have any idea if the scarves they used during the draft are available for purchase? I thought it was really nice looking and wouldn't mind having one.

I have one. got it before the Jersey Reveal somewhere online. Very nice as it's not wool, more of a silk type
MLS and NYC FC make glitter koozies available for purchase but not the stuff we want.
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Wouldn't mind having that winter hat too .... Or a full sized pilsner glass .....