What Game Are You Most Excited About?

Real. Seattle. Orlando.

Real - would be interesting to see Kreis and Saunders play against their old team.

Seattle - I just like watching them play.

Orlando - To shut those fuckers up.
Right now I'm looking forward to getting into Yankee Stadium to see my first game. Don't particularly care who it's against; just want to catch my first match. Damn, just got the word I'm going to be in Virginia the 1st week of March, so I'm hoping like hell we open the season on the road. ;)
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For me, being a former Revs fan who now despises the club, that is the match i'm looking forward too!
Also, you have the NYC-Boston thing going on there so it will have a bit of a natural rivalry there, especially if the Revs can get their act together and be a decent franchise.
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Real - would be interesting to see Kreis and Saunders play against their old team.

And Kwamekazi!

And for me, I think Seattle, SKC, Real, and Orlando will be awesome! All high profile clubs and one expansion rival whose fans need to shut up
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And Kwamekazi!

Ugh. For some reason I feel really bad about not knowing that immediately...

SKC would be a great match too. Unless of course NYCFC has a terrible first season. Then I'd rather not see us get pummeled by them.
I've talked about this a lot with my wife lately. Seeing as I'm an American outlaw as well I lean towards seattle, Toronto and KC. Beyond them I think Portland would be interesting and of course LA. Sleeper pick is Dallas and since my best friend is a Revs fan I want to see that one and rub it in.
I might like us to play red bull because we can support our team home and away because nj is not far so we might have reb bull fans in yankees and they will have some of us there
RB naturally seems like publicly enemy #1 but DC or Philly have a strong rivalry generally with NYC teams.

DC vs RB is one of the oldest rivalries in MLS.
Both entering the league at same time, both have huge name DP's. Make sense no? They also have some pretty loyal fans that I am sure will make the trip up.
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